Our highly skilled and experienced operatives are trained to provide discreet surveillance for following the subject of an investigation. We provide surveillance in many types of cases: private investigations, child custody, marriage, insurance, and criminal matters.

Superior Investigations

For more then 40 years, ACTA-PANNELL has proven our skills and reputation in undercover surveillances, private investigations, and investigations!
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Founded in 1969, ACTA-PANNELL was one of the first detective agencies to become licensed in the state of Texas. Over the past 40+ years, ACTA-PANNELL has proven viable and reputable in its practices.

All of ACTA-PANNELL's agents are knowledgeable and experienced. The majority are former law enforcement officers and some currently maintain their peace officers commissions. ACTA-PANNELL cases include worker's compensation claims, personal injury, divorce, child custody, background investigations, due diligence, internal narcotics, internal theft, theft of proprietary information, copyright infringement, counterfeit products, asset locations for attorneys, corporations, RTC, FDIC, surveillance, counter surveillance, security consultants and more.

As stated, Acta Investigation's investigators are experienced professionals and former law enforcement officers, some of whom maintain their peace officer's commissions. When you need the services of experienced private investigators in Houston for any type of civil, criminal or domestic investigations, call the experts at ACTA-PANNELL.

ACTA-PANNELL is Fully Licensed and Insured Private Investigation Agency License #C-1633 All of our agents are fingerprinted and registered with the Texas Department of Safety Private Security Bureau